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Delivery Solutions

Service for Document/parcel delivery within City municipal limits as per the selective serviceable pin codes in main North and Metro cities , with safe and secure delivery along with real time delivery updation to the clients and customer through various communication channel like SMS and Mails.

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E commerce Fulfillment

You control your customer's experience for the most part. You write the ads, you approve the images, you tweak your website and you write the emails. However once your product leaves your hands to be shipped to your customer you have now handed over your brand to the hands of a stranger.


Payment Collection Solutions

Consumers worldwide are looking to U.S. brands and retailers for product selection, prices, and authenticity. Adapting your website for local currencies and payment methods, as well as collection of duties and taxes at checkout, makes it difficult to sell to consumers in other countries.


Supply Chain Solutions

Effective supply chain management means delivering seamless and integrated solutions that bring tangible results to cost-efficiency, customer satisfaction and bottom-line results. We are well positioned to offer you customised and integrated solutions in highly sophisticated supply chains. Building on our global expertise, we offer tailor-made supply chain solutions to meet the unique requirements of each and every customer.


Reverse Logistics

Efficient return and exchange management, means you spend less time on the problem and focus on building your online business. At RQuick Express, we offer flexible return and exchange programs. In today's competitive market place, reverse logistics and how product returns are handled can be the difference between profitability and loss.