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About Us

About R-Quick Express

R-quick express private Limited customer Interface Logistics provider offering services that simplify the inherent complications, which are part of doing business in today's world.

The company offers 360 degree B2C/B2B logistics solutions to the E- commerce, Banking, Financial Services, Insurance, Telecom & Retail Industries.

RQuick strives to bridge the gap between customer expectations and service provider capabilities. The company constantly adapts to the ever changing requirements of the market thus enabling its customers to stay ahead of competition.

Our Vision

We are a team of professionals committed to CORPORATE EXCELLENCE. We thrive on INNOVATIONS through dedication, commitment, team work, sincerity and honesty to achieve 100% customer satisfaction.

We have a vision of making RQuick a HOUSEHOLD NAME in India and have high global visibility. We aspire to develop HIGH COMPETENCY and achieve zero error in service through high technology and be synonymous with QUALITY SERVICE.

Our Mission

Our Missions is to establish continuing excellence in delivery capabilities focused on the individual customer. In pursuit of sustainable leadership in quality services, we have evolved an infrastructure unique in the country today:

Our Philosophy

We are aware that time flies, but also take pride in wielding the controls. In fact, our proven track record mirrors the fact that one of our biggest assets is time management

Needless to say RQuick has heartily absorbed the advent of E- commerce majors in the market. We are in complete sync with the quick-turn-around time in the trade & are among the market leaders in the private sector express network.

For us the promise of a delivery means making the future predictable from the time we pick up your shipment & deliver it to the other end

With surging market trends in the offing we at First Flight offer end-to-end solutions in the courier logistic space & are the preferred choice of a plethora of business houses.

Technology Friendly

Technology is a game changer. The world has changed quite dramatically in the last decade largely due to gigantic leaps in technology. These changes have cumulatively changed the way we live our everyday lives. Life style changes automatically effect business decisions & in myriad ways color our tomorrow.

Staying on top of the technological developments means the world to us. It is only by being in sync with these advancements that we have conjured some pioneering services across the spectrum of industries we operate in